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Mokarrar industrial group is a 100% privately owned holding company in Iran which manages its structure and activities within its numerous subsidiary daughter companies that work distinctively in different disciplines , namely production as well as trading operations .
Mokarrar group is a major producer of hundreds of chemicals used in polyurethane and epoxy, alkyd, acrylic resins as well as being a well-established and organized stockiest and distributor of hundreds of chemicals to serve numerous industrial sectors of the country.
Mokarrar handles over 1600 major B2B customers within the country and generates overwhelming turn over via its professional sales team of over 100 people working in the head office located in Tehran and more than 200 people in the production and supply departments in its factories located in the city of Ghazvin, 100 Km west of Tehran and in the city of Mahshahr, 930 Km south of Iran.
Mokarrar group is involved in investment and infrastructure development of new industries in the country to work up to its never ending dedication to the Islamic Republic of Iran, to make a stronger and fulfilling economy for the people.

Mokarrar group overseas offices in Turkey, Dubai, china and affiliate offices in other countries enable extensive international trade to take place for import and export to and from the country.
The group daughter companies manage trade to neighboring countries on daily basis and consider the neighboring countries as the most potential markets for its products and services.
The state-of-the-art practical management and intensive techniques has enabled the company to benefit from highly capable and innovative R&D researchers as well as highly motivated and satisfied staff.
Mokarrar also works extensively with universities and practices capital venturing and supports related start-up developments and therefore is recognized as a science based business establishment in the country.

About Us

The Headquarter of the Group is located in the city center in the capital, Tehran-Iran. There are 4 non-Iranian and Iranian sister companies and affiliates located in China, UAE and Turkey.
The corporate is structured in such a way to allow multiple tasks and integration by organizing administration, purchasing, financial & accounting departments to support the sister companies home and overseas as well as the existing divisions functioning within Mokarrar Engineering Materials Co, with each division utilizing its own independent marketing & sales staff. The corporate also makes use of training program, staff compensation scheme and quality & HSS programs.

Current Setup

Mokarrar Industrial Group (MIG)

Mokarrar Industrial Group (MIG) stands as an integrated 100% privately held corporation with investment, manufacturing, trading, sales & marketing are running by over 200 headcounts. Our products find their ways to a diversified number of industries including oil and gas, lubricants, petrochemical, chemical, paint & resin, water & wastewater treatment, power, pharmaceutical, construction and other industries.
With a portfolio of 28 year of successful growth, MIG has been the pioneer in manufacturing over 200 products, required to supply the Iranian industries ranging from mixed polymeric products based on Epoxy, Polyurethane as well as other resin compounds leading to MIG being locally and internationally known as one of the strongest chemical suppliers in Iran.

Mokarrar Trade & Engineering Services Company (MTES)

Mokarrar Trade & Engineering Services Company (MTES) is the trading subsidiary of the Group. MTES is mainly involved in the procurement and supply of a large array of commodities as well as specialized chemicals for the local industries. MTES is also a reputable supplier of quality raw materials and additives indispensable for the rubber and lubricant industries.

Mokarrar Composite Engineering Co.

In 2000, Mokarrar Composite Engineering Co. began its activity for the supply, execution and installation of composite sheets (Geosynthetic sheets) according to the world standards. Mokarrar Geosynthetic Co. went on to obtain exclusive agencies from first class manufacturers of Geosynthetic materials and thus positioned itself as the first Iranian EPC contractor in the field of Geosynthetic sheets.

Mokarrar Engineering Materials (MEM)

Mokarrar Engineering Materials (MEM) started its activities in the field of epoxy resins in 1994. Taking into consideration the ever changing market needs, MEM continued to develop new products based on silicon, acrylic and polyurethane resins. MEM presently operates five specialized chemical and polymeric production plants formulating over 200 products with general and industrial applications supplying over 1000 industrial units nationwide.

Mokarrar Goals

One of the core objective of Mokarrar Industrial Group (MIG) has been to meet the specific needs of the industry through innovation, which had formerly been taken care of by foreign companies and suppliers. Being a pioneer in the transfer of new technologies and exploiting new approaches to meet the industrial and economic needs of the country is a prominent feature of Mokarrar Industrial Group.

Ethics & Outlook


At Mokarrar we believe it is critically important for all employees to understand and embrace our vision, mission, ethics and leadership charter and Group-wide Compliance Program. The foundation for our manufacturing and commercial success is our reputation for adhering to the highest standards for safety, quality and integrity.

We will achieve this by focusing on and committing to:

  • Working in innovative partnerships with our clients
  • Further developing our highly professional workforce
  • Expanding our business and extending our horizons

This means we will provide industry-leading value to our clients, fellow employees and shareholders while remaining true to our core values.

  • Quality and Excellence – Set and achieve high standards in everything we do
  • Integrity, doing the right thing.
  • Fulfillment, developing our talents and enjoy our work.
  • Teamwork, communicating openly and respect each other.
  • Profitability, making wise decisions and help grow the business.


Mokarrar has never adopted an approach to repetitive projects and processes that have been repeatedly performed by other industrialists and competitors in the country. The future policy of Mokarrar industrial group is also based upon the same principle. The research and development unit of Mokarrar industrial group is committed to implementing the selection of new designs, innovation, and compliance in the agenda with the fundamental needs of the industry. In other words, identifying the bottlenecks and impediments cropped up in the local industry is one of the special features that have been considered by group technical experts who are carrying out their duties in the research and development department.

Business Interest

Trusted by some of the world’s biggest companies.

Interaction between our sales and marketing departments will be one of the areas that can be enhanced to create the optimum synergy expected out of a partnership between Shell and MIG. Without a common strategy for accumulating, reversing and using knowledge to optimize the complete approach to the market and sales activities, technical and after sales services, the dialogue between sales and marketing becomes incomplete and useless.

Synergies ought to take place both on operational day-to-day, tactical and strategic level. We formalize and ensure synergy on three levels: operational, tactical and strategic and on the basis of this we form the frame for training of tangible methods to ensure an optimum cooperation between our sales and marketing teams. We build up skills in order to convert knowledge from sales into specific marketing initiatives, exactly where it has the greatest impact and constitute basis for maximum profit.

Quality Assurance Policy

Mokarrar Engineering Materials Co., a manufacturer of polymer and resins and other chemical products, has established its quality assurance policy based on the following principles:
Believing in human dignity and promotion in the workplace as the most valuable assets of the organization and transforming the motto of continuous improvement into organizational culture, delivering superior products with the highest standards, customer satisfaction, product innovation, and active presence in the domestic and international markets.

Accordingly, achieving the following goals will always be at the heart of all activities of the corporation:

  • Continuous improvement of product quality
  • Product innovation and development
  • Boosting market share
  • Increasing customer satisfaction
  • Reduction of costly activities that lack added value
  • Strengthening production efficiency
  • Fortifying staff competency

To create a leading and exemplary organization, it would be required to prove our capabilities by deploying a quality assurance management system based on ISO9001: 2008 International Standard, thereby enhancing customer confidence.
By announcing this policy and being committed to its provisions, all colleagues in the group are invited to actively participate in the implementation of the required quality management system. Therefore, the performance of this system and its effectiveness at regular intervals will be reviewed by all managers and heads of departments and the necessary measures will be taken to achieve the goals and continuous improvement of this system.