Mokarrar Composite Co.

In 2000, Mokarrar Composite Engineering Co. began its activity for the supply, execution and installation of composite sheets (Geosynthetic sheets) according to global standards. Mokarrar Geosynthetic Co. went on to obtain exclusive agencies from first class manufacturers of geosynthetic material and thus positioned itself as the first Iranian EPC contractor in the field of geosynthetic sheets.

Considering the high demand and the essential application of these products in most industries, the necessity of developing and augmenting the engineering ability of our technicians became evident. Hence, Mokarrar Geosynthetic Co. continued to develop by enrolling in specialized certification programs in renowned international institutes and acquired credible certificates in this new and developing field.

Engineering and Consultation Unit

Profiting from the experience of global experts as well as local professionals with IGS certificates (International Geosynthetic Society), this unit initiated the most efficient consultation and engineering center in the field of geosynthetics in Iran. The engineering and consultation unit, in addition to planning and analyzing geosynthetic engineering projects, is a credible reference for all engineering consulting firms, major contracting and related clients of water & sewage, dam construction, drinking water tanks, oil and chemical products storage tanks, water canals, sewage filtering lagoons, hygienic trash burial sites, drainage and filtration canals, vertical drainers, isolation of underground and buried structures such as metro and buried concrete containers, strengthening road beds and asphalt surfaces, and prevention of soil slope and dividing wall erosion.

International Certificates

Mokarrar Geosynthetic Engineering unit is the only representative and official member of International Geosynthetic Society (IGS) and International Association of Geosynthetic Insulators (IAGI) in Iran.

Execution and Supervision Unit

Employing experts and technical administrators along with the latest installation machines and equipment with the standard of International Association of Geosynthetic Installers (IAGA), this unit is in charge of execution and supervision of all installation projects in various industries. In addition to adhering to installation standards, quality control is enforced by our dedicated Quality Control unit to ensure guaranteed quality and client satisfaction.

Geosynthetic Types

Geosynthetics are categorized according to their application and are classified as Geomembranes, Geotextiles, Geogrids, Geonets, Geomarines, and Geocomposites.