What is the ISOBENT ( GCL)?

This product includes 2 layers of geo-textiles (woven and non-woven) with grained sodium bentonite in between. The nonwoven textile is locked to the woven textile through the sodium bentonite using needling. This way, a composite is formed as a perfect layer to stop transferring fluids. ISOBENT is produced in the form of rolls with different length and width.


Sodium Bentonite is a Solid material from the Clay category which is formed from volcano activities during 16 millions of years. This material will swell rapidly and forms a gelatin type of state if exposed to a fluid and stops gases and liquids from getting through it. This formed gelatin type of material is sandwiched between two layers of textiles and forms a sealing film with the thickness of 6 millimeters.
There is a unique specification in ISOBENT highlighting it from other products which is its self-curing specification. In other words, ISOBENT will cure itself in case it gets damaged during installation or thereafter.

Why using ISOBENT

A) - Protection of environment
In order to avoid from pollution of soil, surface water and underground water, it is essential that polluted materials to be surrounded and conducted by means of protecting layers. It is recommended to use ISOBENT in the following cases:

  • Mine heaps and tailing dams
  • Landfills ( sanitary garbage dumping cells )
  • Wastewater lagoons
  • Tank farms in oil projects
  • Waste materials resulted from drilling of oil wells

B) Water sealing
Dams and lake of dams
Water transferring channels
Artificial lakes
Agricultural water storage pools
Shrimp and fish pools
Road making
Underground structures
Deep foundation

C) Agriculture
ISOBENT keeps water inside itself and it will stop water from wasting as well. Besides, the possibility of growing roots of plants inside ISOBENT can give a special advantage to this product. In arid and dry areas in which sandy soils and plants need a permanent moisture, the ISOBENT has a high usage .

ISOBENT Advantages

1- It has very easy and fast installation and it does not have inspection costs
2- It is easy to install in non-smooth levels as a result of its high flexibility
3- It does not need costly foundation
4- It does not need welding in overlaps
5- Resistant in physical harms
6- Self healing ability in case of damages
7- Excellent ability to bonding to concrete
8- Excellent substitute for one-meter compact clay
9- Easiness in waterproofing pipes , columns and edges
10- No need to additional equipment in windy areas while installation
11- Appropriate substitute for two layers of textile and one layer of membrane
12- Cheaper than other geo-synthetic waterproofing systems due to its low cost in installation
13- Environment friendly

ISONENT Membrane (GCL-Membrane)

The production line of Mokarrar Composite Company has the ability to install a layer of membrane with the thickness of 500 micron on the ISOBENT. In addition to the all advantages of ISOBENT (GCL), the resulted product has the following extra specifications:
1- More chemical resistance
2- Possibility of installation in non-appropriate atmospheric conditions
3- Appropriate substitute for CCL +Geotextile + Membrane+ Geotextile designs as a single layer
4- Very low cost of installation
5- Very fast installation
6- Production of laminated product (GCL + Membrane) in the form of factory type and deleting the installation errors

Quality control of product

The IGS organization (International Geo-Synthetic Society) has defined one of the most important global standards of GCL production and has introduced it as GRI-GCL3. The Mokarrar Composite’s products are produced based on this standard and have been verified by CTT Groupe laboratory in Canada. Besides, Mokarrar Composite Company has accomplished several research projects with Amir Kabir University for special applications

Solmax Membrane

The Mokarrar Composite company is the sole agent of one of the most famous manufacturers of membrane in the world ( Solmax of Canada). Solmax company manufactures its membrane sheets based on GM13 standard which is the highest global standard in this field. These sheets are 8 meters in width and 0.75 to 3 millimeters in thickness in the form of non-smooth and smooth with different colors.
Mokarrar composite company has been successful to perform tens of big projects in industries such as oil , gas , petrochemical, chemical , water supplying , wastewater treatment lagoons , sanitary garbage disposal sites and isolation of underground structures such as metro and underground storages .