Mokarrar Materials Engineering Co.

Mokarrar Engineering Materials Co. started its industrial activities in 1994 to innovate in the field of new chemical and polymer products (with the production of epoxy resins and products) and provide different needs of the domestic industry in this field.

The great ideas pursued by the founders plus the demand of the various industrial units have lead Mokarrar to take the valuable path of being the leader in the transfer of new technologies and exploiting new methods to meet the needs of various industries. The founders still wish to take more efficient steps after passing 28 years after the company was founded, with a conscious effort to keep up with the country's industrial and economic prospects, it continues to grow and innovate. Manufacturing and supplying more than 200 types of products, meeting the needs of more than 1000 clients in the country, and exporting chemical and polymer products to some other countries, is a testament to the ingenuity, effort, and innovation of executives and the involvement of experts and personnel in this industrial complex, realizing that the implementation of such practices have brought the company a good professional reputation and credibility.

Specialized and highly efficient units were created to meet customer needs by expanding the activities of Mokarrar Engineering Materials Co and identifying the industry's fundamental requirements and issues by R&D specialists.


Mokarrar Engineering Materials factory was built in Lia Industrial City of Qazvin in an area of 11000 m2 which manufactures more than 200 types of products and offers them in various packings by utilizing the most advanced digital machinery as well as the raw material and product quality control laboratories making use of qualified staff, according to international standards. It is also noted that the products and production line of the factory have been evaluated by experts of the Management and Planning Organization of the country and have been honored with the certification of product identification code from the local authorities.

Research Department

Mokarrar Engineering Materials research department has an intriguing position in the exchange of scientific findings with both industries and academic centers as well as research institutes in the country by utilizing up-to-date know-how and membership in internationally accredited resin and coatings research institutes in addition to state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and skilled polymer, chemistry and composite specialists who play a significant role in product optimization and the acquisition of new products. Collaboration with polymer research centers, Iranian corrosion association, Iranian concrete association, Tarbiat Modarres university, science and technology university, Iranian composite research center and Amir Kabir university are part of the tasks and capabilities which provide a reliable base for students and researchers in the field in addition to having a significant impact on solving the research and practical problems in the industry.

Polyurethane Unit

Mokarrar Engineering Materials Co. has been active in supplying the chemicals required by the country's production lines since 1994. This activity began with the production of epoxy resins as the first Iranian manufacturer of this type of product and has continued its manufacturing and commercial activities on polyurethane products due to the diverse needs of the domestic industry for thermosetting resins.

Polyurethane product range

  • Floor coatings
  • Protective coatings
  • Electrical insulation
  • Industrial adhesives
  • Polyurethane foams

The company is always proud to act as a consultant to our customers in selection and consumption of polyurethane products relying on the technical knowledge of its experts.

Epoxy Unit

The Epoxy unit as the oldest unit of Mokarrar Engineering Materials Company produced and supplied Epoxy resins for the first time in 1994 through recruiting experienced specialists and up-dated know-how to meet the needs of various industrial sectors in accordance with the international standards in order to compete with the products produced by world leading companies.

The unit has played a significant role in more than 400 national projects in the field of protective coatings given the demand of various domestic industries as well as the specific use and application of such products, with the production of more than one hundred types of epoxy resin based products, in addition to meeting the permanent need of more than 600 industrial units in the country. The epoxy unit of Mokarrar Materials Engineering Co. is proud to supply epoxy products to the country's industry by utilizing advanced machinery on the site of Mokarrar Industrial Group located in Lia industrial town of Qazvin which is using the highest quality raw materials and engineering know-how.

Range of epoxy products

  • Epoxy protective coating
  • Epoxy Industrial pavements
  • Epoxy electrical insulation
  • Epoxy Hardener
  • Epoxy adhesive
  • Turbine blade epoxy resin
  • Epoxy Molding Resin

Chemical Trading Unit

Mokarrar Chemical Trading unit was established in 2008 as one of the new divisions of Mokarrar Engineering Materials Company with the purpose of supplying chemical and polymer products in the field of paint, adhesive, and resin industry. Mokarrar Trading unit supplies raw materials for paint, resin, adhesive, and other chemical industries through bona fide representatives of producers of raw materials in the world, which in turn becomes a reliable source for supplying raw materials to the country's chemical manufacturing process.

Range of Chemical Products

  • Resins
  • Hardeners
  • Additives
  • Solvents
  • Pigments

This unit also began producing epoxy polyamide hardeners such as 100% H115 and 80% H115, hardener 125, and Short, Long, and Medium aldehyde resins in 2014.